Welcome to Awakenings Hypnosis & Coaching. I’m Faith Marshall, and I’m glad you’re here. When used together, hypnosis and coaching are very powerful techniques for understanding ourselves better and making lasting changes.

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Welcome to Awakenings Hypnosis & Coaching with Faith Marshall

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Group and 1:1 Hypnosis Services

Hypnosis for Weight Control

The subconscious mind is there to support us, yet may have absorbed a lot of programming since childhood. Its primary focus is supporting you reminding you subliminally. A simple suggestion while in a relaxed hypnotic state can help shift in many ways! It’s as if you Re-Booted your goals! If your goal is a number, we set that intention and work on any self-sabotage that may be there. Three to six sessions and continuing self-hypnosis might be just what you need! 

Coaching for Dementia Families

Hypnosis for relaxation and stress is a must for families facing the daily challenges with a loved one diagnosed with one of the many Dementias. I offer one-on-one, family-centered coaching and Group coaching within a community where I meet you where you are. Every patient’s family dynamic is unique too! Learning to find the joy in what can be a chaotic journey. We can focus on anything from budgeting and calming activities for your loved one to preparing for end of life care. 

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation

Smoking is a habit. Most of us thought it was an addiction, but it is not like other addictive drugs. We replace the habit with healthy choices and allow the choice of being free from smoking in three to four sessions. Becoming smoke-free is an amazing feeling for many clients!

Benefits of Hypnosis

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Benefits of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a proven method for promoting profound relaxation. As your hypnotist, I will guide you to breathe deeply, slowly release stress, and relax your way into a hypnotic state of mind. It’s as if you’ve just had 8 hours of deep sleep—it’s a beautiful feeling! Some of the benefits of hypnosis include:

  • Promoting natural sleep 
  • Releasing muscle tension
  • Easing and reducing pain
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reducing stress and fatigue
  • Increasing T and B blood cells
  • Positively affecting immune system
  • Slowing down heart rate
  • Calming the nervous system

Don’t those benefits sound so wonderful? Schedule a session today!

Benefits of Hypnosis
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